Version 3.0b

Laying better foundations for LARPs

Changelog: Version 3.0b

The MyLARP 3.0 beta test has begun, and it features redesigned user interfaces, cleaner experiences, and more robust tools to address your campaign's needs. We've put together this change log to address questions about what's changed between 2.0 and 3.0. We hope it helps, but should you have questions, our team is ready to answer. Contact us, and let's discuss your thoughts! That's a discussion we'd love to have.


  1. Archetypes have replaced Race and Class. This change affects character creation and skills.
  2. Archetypes can be split into generalized groups, e.g. you can create a "human" archetype and group it with other "races"
  3. You can make selecting archetypes optional or required
  4. You can allow more than one archetype selection
  5. Just like the old Race+Class settings, you can grant characters built with different archetypes automatic bonuses or set up event-based bonuses

Point Pools

  1. Point pools have expanded to encompass the Hit Points, Build Points, XP, Lives, Level, and Gob feature.
  2. You can create as many point pools as you want, but you control if they are player-based or character-based.
  3. Leveling is now controlled through point pools.
  4. You can grant permanent or temporary points that renew on an event-cyclical basis.

Introducing Skill Triggers

  1. Skill triggers are actions that are executed after a skill is added to the character

New & Changed Skill Rules

  1. Logistics preapproval has moved into the Rules tab. You can now specify that a skill require approval by logistics conditionally instead of unilaterally.
  2. Skill costs have moved to Skill Triggers. Use Rule 3 to test if the character has enough points before then trigger is fired.
  3. Rules can be custom labelled
  4. Rule 8 changed to use any point pool instead of just Levels
  5. Rule 16 has been deprecated in favor of using Rule 2 and combination of exceptions
  6. Rule 25 (Change cost based possession of a pupil credit) has been deprecated and made into an exception to a rule.
  7. Rule 27 has been removed in favor of using the new exception "Ignore this rule if character has X skill (<, <=, =, >, >=, <>) X times"
  8. You can create exceptions based on the quantity of a skill the character possesses (old Rule 27)
  9. Teacher requirements have moved under the Rules tab. You can now specify that a player require a number of pupil credits before the skill can be purchased. You can also set exceptions on this rule as per usual. The setting for if the skill can/cannot be taught has moved under the General tab.
  10. Skill Nullifiers have moved to rules and can be configured under Blocking Skills (Rule 29)

Event Venue

  1. Venues have been integrated into the Events Calendar

Visitor Activity

  1. Game masters can now see how much traffic their campaign has had in the past 90 days
  2. Unique visitors means how many different players browsed your campaign, and nonunique is the total number of interactions your campaign had


  1. Marketplace items can now have multiple prices. Each price can come from different point pools.
  2. Marketplace items that cost points from a character-only point pool now require the buyer to select the character purchasing the item. That information is now shown in the order management screen.
  3. Players no longer add items to a "shopping cart" when purchasing items from the marketplace.

Character Modes

  1. Characters can now be placed in Suspended mode, also known as read-only mode. This will limit changes that can be made to the character.


  1. When changing or creating your account password, it must be at least 8 characters long but won't require any composition rules (e.g. must contain 1 number, symbol). Use what you want but it must be at least 8 characters.