MyLARP has over 20 features that are live or under development that will cater to your LARP game's needs.

Our mission is to provide a service that solves the complex logistical needs all games have, supports the LARP community, and empowers any LARP game, no matter what its size. MyLARP wants to help your game grow from an idea to reality. Each feature of MyLARP was built with that purpose in mind. Click each feature to read more. MyLARP 2.0 is currently in beta test. Some features are restricted to members of the beta test group. New ideas are always welcome! MyLARP is a tool written for LARPers, by LARPers. If you have a great idea for a new feature or a change to an existing feature that would make a great addition to MyLARP and help you run your games smoothly, let us know!

Sign-up and Enroll

Signing up for a MyLARP account is totally free; anyone can join. When you enroll your LARP with our service, you gain access to the game-building system. Your campaign becomes part of the LARP social community. Anyone can search for your game in the catalog, and based on your campaign's settings, they can join or request to join your game and begin taking part in the community, registering for events, and building characters. There is no limit to the amount of players your campaign can host.

Game-building system overview
Character Management

LARPs have robust character management needs. They need to be stored, updated, searched, counted, and (sometimes) retired. MyLARP provides a way to manage characters online according to your game's rule system. Configure your game's classes, races, magic, damage systems, skills, and abilities. Then, invite your players in to your campaign to let them start building their characters. MyLARP's features allow you to control the building process from start to completion, and it lets you review all characters prior to activating them. Read more.

Skill Configuration

No two LARPs are exactly alike, so MyLARP's skill configuration feature is built to be adaptable. You can create dynamic skills and abilities for your character with their own restrictions, prerequisites, and automated functions so that players can build their characters online according to your rules. Read more.

Hosting your events

Whether you are an established game or just starting out, the goal is to bring your players together and start roleplaying! Use MyLARP to communicate your game's schedule and location to your established player base or prospective players looking for a new game to try. Players can sign-up and pay any registration fees online through MyLARP secure payment portal in advance of your events.

Features that enhance your game

So many other features are included in the service, and you gain access to all of them when you enroll.