Publish your story and keep track of players' activities using knowledge management tools.

Keeping track of evolving and expanding plot lines can be difficult for any campaign manager or storyteller. This difficulty is further compounded if the game has a team of storytellers all running plots and subplots. Keeping the continuity of your game is absolutely critical to players' enjoyment because no player likes when a story they are intimately familiar with goes off because of bad information on the storyteller's part.

The Arc module of MyLARP is meant to collect plot and subplot after action reports from storytellers of all levels so that they can be read, searched, and aggregated by the game's historians and archivists into the master continuity wiki or document binder.

Character Sheet Notes

MyLARP also gives storytellers the ability to leave important notes pertaining to a plot lines about specific characters on the character sheets themselves, but it does not let the player see the notes.

Histories or Biographies

Storytellers that want to get to know the characters they will be engaging will have access to all character biographies submitted by players. Traditionally, ionformation like this might have been emailed, and saved off to an unknowable document management system or online drive; but, with MyLARP, all biographies are kept in the MyLARP ecosystem, and available to storytellers.