Business Intelligence

Drill into your game's business data to discover valuable insights.

LARPs are a hobby, but for the campaign owners, they're also a business. A critical aspect of any business is to understand your customer base, and to respond to trends and changes in your customer's preferences. MyLARP's all-in-one ecosystem makes collecting, aggregating, and visualizing business information (BI) easy! Run reports and share them with your co-managers, view your data in chart form to really bring it to life. Use the information you glean from your players to improve your game and recognize areas that are strong or weak within your business.


Data packed into tables can be hard to visualize, and important observations can be be overlooked. Business Intelligence transforms your data into rich charts that tell a story and bring data to life.


Intelligence is not complete without being able to reach out to your player base and find out what they're thinking. MyLARP offers you a rich survey tool to engage your players and reward them for completing surveys!

Accounting Ledgers

It is critical business owners keep track of the financial flows--both income and expenses. MyLARP offers you with a cash-basis accounting system that lets you record and categorize your cash flow.