Character Management

Manage stats, skills, plot and story information pertaining to characters!

Character management is absolutely critical to any system built to manage LARP games. MyLARP has many features dedicated to giving your staff and players the tools they need to manage their characters.

Consider all the activities that take place around character management: experience point awards, skill acquisition & prerequisites, special skills, hit points, resurrection tracking—the list goes on and on. Character stats are the crux of any game from a logistical standpoint. That's why MyLARP has reached out to many different types of LARPs and learned what sort of stats they track, and with their feedback, MyLARP's ability to adjust which stats it tracks has made it the best LARP character management database system.

An Adaptive System

MyLARP's character management starts with giving you the ability to define races, classes, or other character types, skills, and stats that describe characters in your LARP system. When new characters are created, players can select from these options to get their character started; but, because MyLARP is built to adapt to your game's needs, you can restrict which options are available, and which options can only be chosen with approval from your or your staff. Characters, however, don't stop at just their stats. MyLARP lets players write-up and save their character's personal biography, and makes that biography available to you and your staff.

Accurate and Dependable

Inaccurate experience point calculations, forgotten hit point accurals, and illegal skill acquisition represent a fraction of the potential problems that can arise from updating character sheets by hand or through a free-hand system (like Google Sheets or Excel). MyLARP's character management system leverages smart queries and computer intelligence to carry the ones and prevent incorrect or illegal character changes.

Logs, Logs, Logs!

MyLARP also places a high priority on keeping good records. Players and staff can look at their character's history logs to view important event information like when experience point awards were given, or when their level was changed, etc. With MyLARP's Logistics Notes module, your logistics staff can leave important notes on every character so they can collaborate online without having to pass messages to each other through email, instant message, or some other outside method.

Keeping Players Involved and In the Loop

Character management is a huge aspect of LARPs. MyLARP adapts to your ssytem to make character management easier and available online at any time. If you allow players to join your campaign and configure their own characters, MyLARP takes a lot of the tediuos work of keeping the players informed out of your hands. Now, they can log on and view their characters for themselves without having to e-mail back and forth. This saves you and your players time and hassle, and they can make better informed decisions with up-to-the-minute information.