Help Desk

A 24/7 way for your players and staff to get help with MyLARP.

Any system built for interaction with users needs a way for users to report problems they are having. MyLARP brings this concept to every campaign. Users can submit trouble tickets through your campaign to alert you about issues they're facing with your campaign. You and those you designature can view those tickets, and lend users a hand at resolving problems. MyLARP also provides a Tier 3 help system, manned by people who are system experts, to whom campaign managers can elevate problems, such as software bug reports.

Robust Ticket Statuses

Each ticket submitted by your campaign members goes to your Tier 2 help desk personnel for resolution. If you have multiple Help Desk Operators, it is important that they collaborate with one another about corrective actions they have taken to resolve users' issues. MyLARP Help Desk offers just such a collaborative system.