Item Database

Store important information about your game's items and inventories!

Keeping track of magic items, scrolls, laboratories, or player inventories is easier with MyLARP's Vault module. Every item can be categorized, described, or searched to easily organize what sort of items are in-play. Every item also gets assigned an automatic, short-hand code that makes writing item cards even easier.

Back It Up!

Item cards are super easy, but usually fragile and perishable. Does your system provide an easy way to keep a back-up of items that can easily be reproduced at will? Vault does!

Trust, but Verify

Item cards are handy tools for giving players fantasy items, and players often treasure these cards. However, if a bad-egg makes his way into your game and forges cards, does your game have a way to verify the card should exist? MyLARP gives you an authoritative system for determining which items are legitimate, and which are not.