Challenge and reward your player base!

Quizzes are fun! MyLARP offers you a way to entertain and engage your players base through multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank quizzes; but, quizzes are not only tools meant to entertain, they can also educate. Use MyLARP to launch a new quiz meant to educate players about a recent rule change, or to test players who want to join the ranks of staff.

Certification Tracking

If you want to keep your staff sharp and knowledgable, you can configure quizzes in MyLARP to expire after a period of time. Now, your marshals and staff will have to recertify and ensure they are not losing critical knowledge.


Nothing is better than getting a reward when passing a quiz! Reward your players who pass your quizzes with virtual points that they can spend on game boosts, power-ups, or items.