Skill Configuration

Configure skill costs, rules, prerequisites, and more!

MyLARP is online 24/7 and ready to let players update their character if they have the points to do so! Skill management is a critical aspect of the character management system, and is often at the heart of game logistics. New or veteran players build their characters with the skills they want most, but the rules for skill purchasing (or acquisition) is tied deeply into your campaign's mechanics.

MyLARP gives games granular control over exactly when and how a skill can be acquired by a character. Then, if your game allows players to update their own characters, players can login, and spend points or acquire new skills so long as they meet all the prerequisites you set up.


Prerequisites are the rules you can configure that will determine whether a player can acquire a skill or not. They often go beyond whether the character has adequate points to purchase a skill, and delve into deeper rules like whether the character is of the appropriate class or whether the character has other required skills. MyLARP allows your to configure over 20 different rules to determine if it is okay for a character to gain a skill or not.

Skill Categories

MyLARP gives you the ability to group skills together into management groups, and even lets your configure skill category prerequisites. These options give you even greater control over how your characters interact with their characters online!

Hidden Skills & Preapproval

Many games introduce special skills that only the privileged few can see or purchase. Other times, games will allow players to acquire a skill, but only after a member of staff has reviewed a player's request and given their approval. MyLARP offers these features to campaign managers as part of the skill configuration and character management suite.