User Groups

Grant access to players and staff to behind-the-scenes tools in MyLARP.

If you have staff that help you run your campaigns, MyLARP gives you the tools to grant your staff higher-level privileges. Give staff memberes access to character records, item databases, business intelligence, and other aspects of the MyLARP ecosystem without having to sign over the keys to the entire castle.

Create Your Own Groups

Group management doesn't have to be restricted to system access. If you need to keep track of different player rosters who fall into different groups (marshals, NPC workers, volunteers, etc), you can create custom groups for your campaign and add those users to it.

Subdelegate Group Management

MyLARP lets you assign one user as a group owner. This user now has the ability to add and remove players from the group. Never fear, though. As the campaign manager, you always has master access!