Keep track of who is volunteering for you game, and reward them!

Volunteers (e.g. NPCs, tavern workers, site clean-up teams, etc) fulfill an important role in every LARP. The time and effort volunteers give to the game is important to keep the game moving. Tracking who, when, and how long people work for the game should be a tool every campaign owner employs to recognize the hard work these people put in.

MyLARP's Workbook module is designed to allow you or someone you designate to create as many different workbooks as you need. Each workbook allows a workbook owner to sign in and sign out volunteers during events. This system allows you to accurately measure who is doing what, and to reward all those who help to make your game a success.

Flexible Control

Your workbook managers can create as many workbook as are needed to track different groups of volunteers. Control over a workbook can be subdelegated by the workbook manager so the person on duty can sign in others or close the workbook all together once the event is concluded.

Give Back

Workbook is tied into the Business Intelligence module and lets you view information in a rich way, so you can immediately see whose been working for you the hardest. It also tied into Character Management and lets you reward those who go above and beyond.