Beta Test

MyLARP 2.0 is in beta test, and you can join us!

Join Our Beta!

MyLARP 2.0 has entered into an open beta stage, and we are inviting you to join us! We're looking for all genres to join up, have a look around, test our software, break our software, and then tell us all about your experience!

The Deal

  1. Like Us on Facebook, and introduce yourself to the MyLARP community! Tell us about your campaign! We want to know all about it, e.g. your campaign's name and genre, where your games are located, etc!
  2. Sign up for an account on our beta site.
  3. Complete the Beta Sign-up Form
  4. We'll contact you via e-mail when your campaign is set up and ready!
  5. Schedule a Skype teleconference with us. We'll give you a personal, guided tour!
  6. As you use MyLARP, document any problems or suggestions you have about the software. E-mail your issues and thoughts to us. We're pretty prompt about responding!

As a 'thank you' for helping us improve MyLARP, you get to use the software completely free during the beta and for an entire year after MyLARP 2.0 goes live.